Public Relations

Public Relations is Part of Our SEO Strategy

When we build or optimize websites for clients, our work doesn’t stop there. We roll out aggressive public relations campaigns that drive traffic to our clients’ websites, increase brand awareness, and ultimately leads to new referrals and new paying customers.

We are skilled at:

  • Getting traditional media, like newspapers and TV news, to write stories about our clients
  • Pushing story ideas that focus on our clients to niche bloggers with large weekly readerships
  • Running cross promotions on social media that turn likely buyers into brand ambassadors and paying customers
  • Teaching our clients how to effectively respond to media inquiries

Here’s an excerpt from a recent blog article about a Public Relations success for a client:

Copyright School Zone Publishing and Step2.

Copyright Step2.

We recently had a big win by hosting a cross promotion for a client on Facebook. We found a partner company to join us—both companies targeted the same audience—parents with young children—but offered substantially different products. Both companies offered attractive prizes, in exchange for customers sharing their email addresses and liking them on Facebook. The product giveaway was housed on Facebook with a third-party provider, ShortStackApp, which collected the email addresses and chose a random winner after the entry period expired. With the partnering brands promoting it on Facebook, we were able to gather almost 4,000 email addresses in just five days.

Each brand introduced their built-in audiences to the other’s products, and at such a low cost it was silly. Not bad for a week’s work, eh?

We also promoted the giveaway on parenting blogs, which increased our reach significantly.

We can do this for your brand, too.